Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holidays Had, and a Good Scrubbing Down Done

Indeed, happy holidays have come and gone here.  Thanksgiving consisted of a gathering of my two brothers, Cameron and Caleb, and Cameron's family.

I think it's amazing that no one's face got cut out of this picture, considering I just plopped it up on the microwave to take a picture.  We cooked up an enourmous turkey, and 10 POUNDS of potatoes, which Zane helped me peel, and half half of which didn't get eaten (what's this, Thomas? I thought you liked mashed potatoes!)

Now, as for Christmas, it was actually celebrated this year!  I am a little afraid the standard has been slightly raised in "expectation of presents," but we have a whole year to convince the boys that they won't be getting as much next year as they did this year. (we hope!)
It was a beautiful, white Christmas and we started a New Tradition: a starlit walk on Christmas Eve night, concluded with a romping sled ride!  My brother Caleb gave the boys a sled this year, and it has been one of their favorite toys. Also one of mine, since it gets them out of the house for some great fresh air.

This is both boys being pulled by Daddy.

This is one of the beautiful sites we passes on our walk.

And of course, the traditional New Pajamas from Grandmother:

Camouflage this year, with matching fleece blankets!

And from Oma and Opa, a foosball table, enjoyed by all.

Daddy's present from "his boys," a Lego set, which they agreed would be best for him,  and which they almost managed to keep a secret.....

Ah,the unstuffing of the stockings.....
And finally, I had to share a pic of our growing family of snowmen, yet another Grandmother tradition and a legacy of Great Grandma Cameron (all materials coming from her stash).  The boys get a new one each year, and they nestle under our tree.

So much for another Christmas! Zane has been reminding me that it is high time to scrub the bathroom, so we did today (his favorite part is spraying the all purpose cleaner).

Tomorrow no doubt will be Christmas tree demolition, and revelation of my latest felting endeavors.