Friday, January 15, 2010

"I Love My New Toy" book review

We came home from the library last week with our usual load of books randomly picked off the shelves, but a couple of them have really been enjoyed by the boys this week, way more than I would've expected.

Haukin has asked me to read  I Love My New Toy every day, I think.  It is VERY relavant to him and his brother.  The simple illustrations are hilarious--Haukin giggled more and more over every page as the plot unfolded.  Both boys know exactly what it is like to have a brand new toy that someone else wants to play with--and then horror of horrors!  what if they break it?  Hopefully the ending of this book taught the boys a valuable lesson, but if not, they still love the pictures and the  expression of voice required to read it.

I am definately going to look into more titles by Mo Willems and more books in this Elephant and Piggie series.

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